The Rosabus team, families included, spent a weekend in Calera de León participating in numerous workshops, including Christmas cakes, cheeses, sausages etc. The children enjoyed country activities, especially when they were taken to a farm in the town where they could see kids, sheep and pigs.

Calera de León is situated on a 710 m hill in Sierra Morena, surrounded by a mountainous domain covered with meadows populated with large oak, pine, chestnut, oak and other species. Its orography culminates in the peak of Tentudía that with its 1,104 ms. it constitutes the highest level of the Lower Extremadura.

On the highest hill is the temple of «Santa María de Tentudía», called monastery by Pope Leo X in 1514. From the construction of this temple, which was endowed with great income, and with the subsequent building of the Conventual Santiaguista, Calera de León became one of the most significant centers of the Order of Santiago.

The Gala Dinner took place in the cloister of the monastery, square and built in stone. This and other units of this historic enclave were decorated to house the gala dinner of the entire Rosabus team.

A very emotional family weekend, as always in Rosabus