In this way, the Sevillian Company reinforces its commitment to sustainable development, achieving a 17% reduction in the last three years thanks to the efficient driving and responsible energy use measures that are being carried out both in its fleet and in its facilities.

The Alfonso XIII Hotel hosted the official presentation in Seville of the exclusive ‘Top Line vehicle with panoramic glass roof’ of Rosabus, the Sevillian and Andalusian bus company specialising in the international market, given that 75% of its turnover comes from Central European and Scandinavian countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway, with data prior to Covid-19.

After the months of the coronavirus pandemic, which dealt a ‘mortal blow’ to tourist, congress and event transport and in which the company was immersed in an ERTE, leaving the workforce reduced to 4 people from the almost fifty it had before the confinement, with revenues falling by 85%, Rosabus is back with more enthusiasm than ever with the recovery of tourism and the cancellation of the restrictions.

The ‘Top Line’ is a unique vehicle, and its main feature is its panoramic glass roof which, due to the impressive height of the sunroof and the large windows, gives the passenger a wonderful sense of space and a full view of everything around them. Other features that make it a ‘unique and exclusive’ vehicle are its spacious and bright interior, with high quality seats, with ergonomic and height-adjustable headrests, footrests, magazine rack, individual and folding table, as well as reclining and sliding to the centre for more space between passengers.

Similarly, and thanks to its Metting Area, the ‘Top Line’ allows meetings to be held in the rear lounge with two comfortable tables and has four video screens, one of them in the rear, in reverse, for passengers who are in the rear seat at the tables. On the screens you can also see the GPS route the bus is following and live projection thanks to the camera installed under the front window.

Save the word’: responsible and sustainable company

Rosabus is a responsible and sustainable company, very committed to caring for the environment, which is why the ‘Top Line’ has a series of improvements, such as a modern air conditioning system that works with water and not with R134A gas, EURO VI engine, waste bins according to the type of waste, ecological toilet with only water, without chemical products or pollution, and the new cardboard water bottles, thus banishing the plastic that takes so many years to degrade.

According to Rosabus CEO, Anselmo Rosa, «with this important investment we are pursuing business and tourism excellence to make it available to Seville, Andalusia and internationally».

Carbon Footprint Certificates

During the event, ROSABUS has announced the reinforcement of its commitment to sustainable development by obtaining the Carbon Footprint certificate, thus becoming the pioneer company at national level, within the exclusive tourist discretionary service, in obtaining this type of certificate.

In this way, ROSABUS advances in its climate action plan thanks to the measurement of its corporate carbon footprint generated over the last 4 years, and the design of a roadmap that allows them to mitigate, and even neutralise, the impacts generated as a result of their activity.

After announcing the launch of the project in March, ROSABUS has completed the measurement of its contribution to global warming through the indicator known as «carbon footprint». The company’s carbon footprint report, prepared with the technical advice of the strategic consultancy ECOTERRAE, has been evaluated by the Spanish Office for Climate Change and has been successfully registered in the National Carbon Footprint Register. This effort has been recognised by the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITERD), which has awarded ROSABUS a carbon footprint certificate for each year of study.

The MITERD not only recognises the effort of measurement (CALCULO) for the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, but also rewards the 17% reduction that we have managed to achieve in the last three years (REDUZCO), thanks to the efficient driving and responsible energy use measures that are being carried out both in its fleet and in its facilities. It is worth noting that, of the more than 1,600 entities currently registered, only 4% of the companies in the Register have managed to activate the REDUZCO category in the last financial year.

“We go beyond the new regulations and the demands of customers (increasingly aware), we are committed to mitigating our impact because sustainability has been part of our DNA since we created the company», says Anselmo Rosa.

In addition to continuing to measure its carbon footprint each year, an action plan (roadmap) has been designed with measures that will allow us to continue reducing direct and indirect emissions in successive years. Continuing with the progressive replacement of vehicles with EURO VI vehicles is one of the main actions to be taken into account.

All efforts will be focused on the correct monitoring of sustainability indicators, in order to try to optimise them as much as possible. Unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint whose reduction is not feasible) will be compensated through the purchase of carbon credits. In this way, ROSABUS is committed to becoming a 100% carbon neutral company in the coming years.

Rosabus, first discretionary company achieving the Carbon Footprint Certificate Oct 22nd, 2021