Students of ‘Ntra. Sra. De la Paz’ school in Seville enjoy a morning film session with the selfless collaboration of ROSABUS.

This morning, the cinema in the Nervión Plaza Shopping Center has been filled with young people from this school in La Oliva distrit, one of the most disadvantaged areas of the city of Seville. After the film, in the return, the grateful kids sang happily into the bus.
Rosabus, firm in its care policy, regularly participates with various public and private collectives in its social assistance and welfare programs, something that its employees are proud of and value satisfactorily.
15% of the population of Seville lives in disadvantaged areas or at risk of exclusion and poverty, something that the City Council intends to resolve in the coming years with the implementation of the measures that make up the ‘Plan de Intervención Social’. It is about investing in human capital, improving social intervention, support and support for citizens, offering educational possibilities, promoting employment and employability.