Last Thursday the 25th of November, was celebrated the First Tourism reset Awards, organisation composed by the professionals’ collective born for the sector regeneration.
ROSABUS was awarded this prize for the “Special recognition to the Human value in the sustainability of the tourism sector in and after COVID-19”. Anselmo and Manuel Rosa received the prize from the Vice-president of the Andalusian Regional Government and Regional Minister for Tourism, Regeneration and Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín.
The act, celebrated in “Palacio de los Marqueses de la Algaba”, was also atended by Antonio Jiménez, managing director of CONTURSA (Congresos y Turismo SA) FIBES + Turismo de Sevilla, and Rosa Hernández, Territorial Tourism delegate in Seville.
The Delegate presented the Tourism Reset awards, which are given to souvenir, costume and tourist transport businesses in the province of Seville and which have been sponsored by the Delegation of Tourism and the Seville City Council. We would like to thank them for this recognition, which helps us to continue to be a benchmark in the discretionary tourist transport service. We would also like to thank the Seville Tourism Delegate, Rosa Hernández, for her support, and congratulate the other award winners, including City Sightseeing.