Rosabus travels during the days of celebration.

More than 150 senior positions of tourist groups from around the world gathered from November 6 to 8 at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville (FIBES) in the international reference event of the sector, to analyze the main trends and challenges of Travel agencies

During the opening ceremony Juan Espadas, the mayor of Seville, said «his commitment to travel agencies and the influence of public policies of administrations to make a city like Seville a stronger destination.» He also highlighted the joint work with airports to connect Seville with other places, «going from connecting 40 to 80 European destinations with the Hispanic city in a few years.» And «the importance of creating synergies with surrounding destinations to create joint tourism strategies.»

Due to the success obtained in the edition held in 2013, the CEAV (Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies) promoted the idea that the World Summit of Travel Agencies also cover the international arena. The initial idea was to celebrate it in a biannual way, but the high participation and interest that aroused, the Croatia Travel Association ran to celebrate it in Zagreb (2014) the following year. The next editions held in Spain were in the Basque Country (2015) and Valencia (2017).