The company’s management promotes the continuous training of its workers, and on this occasion, the entire Rosabus team attends a course on skills and aptitudes that will allow them to develop their functions in a more successful way.
Technical knowledge is a necessary but not sufficient condition to achieve maximum professional performance. In addition, the company values ​​having innate way, or developing them, a series of skills that complement the professional profile.
‘Self-confidence’, ‘Self-analysis and criticism’, ‘Communication skills’, ‘Responsibility and Perseverance’ and ‘Motivation for achievement’ are some of the concepts that this course includes in its subject.
Rosabus is agree with the words of Martha Alles, one of the most important writers on Spanish-speaking Human Resources: “… Organizations train to optimize their results, their competitive position. People seek to train themselves to do their homework well, to grow personally and professionally, to improve their relative position in the structure, to summarize, to have a better standard of living. ”